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Vision & Mission

Highland Bluff Elementary School Mission Statement

We will intentionally focus on bringing out the best in all students by equipping them with a growth mindset and providing them opportunities to explore interests, recognize and create a plan to work on individualized areas for improvement, and build upon their personal strengths. 

Highland Bluff Elementary School Vision Statement

Highland Bluff Elementary School is committed to creating an exemplary school in which teachers, staff, parents, and students are on a journey to excellence.  We are committed to developing a whole school of excellent readers, writers, and thinkers who are life-long learners. 

Rankin County School District Mission Statement 

*B*ring *E*veryone's *S*trengths *T*ogether! We will all intentionally focus on empowering our students to reach their maximum potential by embracing opportunities and challenges while cultivating a tradition of distinction in education.